Student information

When will the college re-open?

For details of how the Group is responding to the government's lockdown stages please view here

Updated: 5th August 2020

Following a detailed review of the government guidance, at present currently preparing all of our campuses to open to a safe number of students and staff from September. 

Timetables have been reviewed to allow for social distancing in classrooms and workshops following the latest government guidance. All courses will be taught using a mix of online learning and classroom study. Details of when students are expected to attend College will be provided with the enrolment documents being sent this month. 

Students will be expected to follow the safety measures put in place at all campuses.

If you have any concerns about studying with us in September please contact our Student Services team who are able to provide information, advice and guidance about your chosen subjects. 

Our email address is:
- Bedford campus: (or phone 01234 291770)
- Kettering campus: (or phone 01536 413232)


College Opening Details for Vulnerable Students

The Group continues to support all of our students following the government’s announcement to close all schools and colleges from 20th March 2020 and has been open for students who are vulnerable, on an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan and students whose parents/carers are critical in the COVID-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home to access since 23rd March.

All campuses are currently closed for the summer period until September. .

Any student planning to attend must email Student Services before arriving:
If you plan to attend College, you must email us by 4pm on the Friday of the week before so we have an idea to expect you and we can advise you where to report on your arrival. Our email address is:
- Bedford: (or you can phone 01234 291770)
- Kettering: (or you can phone 01536 413232)

Am I counted as a vulnerable student?

Vulnerable students include those who are supported by social care and those with safeguarding and welfare needs. A full list is available here.

Am I still expected to study even though the College is closed?

In May we shared further information about how we planned to continue to deliver teaching to our students remotely with regular contact from your Personal Achievement Tutor, Course Tutor or Training Co-ordinator to discuss your learning and our expectations to ensure you continue to achieve.

We will continue to communicate with students using our FE or HE Moodle. Please check this regularly. If you cannot access Moodle then please email

When accessing the online learning please ensure that you follow good online etiquette and please be kind and respectful by attending any online lessons on time.

You must return calls from your tutors and complete the deadlines set whilst the college is closed. If you have any concerns about completing your work or difficulty submitting your work please contact your Personal Achievement Tutor, Course Tutor or Training Coordinator as soon as possible. It is important for your progress and for when you return to College that work set is completed.

Is teaching cancelled?
No it is not. From September teaching is being delivered through a mix of online and classroom study to allow for the latest safety measures to be adhered to. We continue to do everything we can in these difficult circumstances to support you in the development of the skills and knowledge you will require to move confidently onto your next steps. 

I am having difficultly accessing the on-line training and resources. Who can help me?
Your PAT (Personal Achievement Tutor) will be able to support you and steer you in the right direction for support. For access to the moodle pages please click here. For further technical support email

Access to Teaching

Please see more information on how deliver teaching activity remotely here. 

This worked well in the last academic year and from September 2020 will be used in addition to classroom learning using our FE Moodle or HE Moodle. Please check this regularly. If you cannot access Moodle then please contact

Students must continue completing their activities, work and assignments set by their course team and meet any deadlines set, as they would if they were in College. Students need to dedicate the same time to their studies as if they were in College.

Information on how to submit assignments will be available on Moodle. For most courses this will be through Turnitin. Feedback will be provided to students using Turnitin, e-mail, BREO, NILE or on ProPortal depending on the course being studied.

If you have any queries please contact your Course Team or Personal Achievement Tutor.

Exams and Assessments

Monday 3rd August 2020

Results Days for A-Levels, GCSEs and Vocational and Technical Qualifications 2020

Following our email in June where we confirmed how academic, vocational and technical qualifications will be graded this August, we wanted to provide you with more information on how you can obtain your overall grades this year.

• A-Level Results Day: Thursday 13th August 2020
• Level 3 Vocational or Technical Results Published: Thursday 13th August 2020 (overall grades only. Unit grades will be posted first class on 13th August to your home address).

• GCSE Results Day: Thursday 20th August 2020
• Level 2 Vocational or Technical Results Published: Thursday 20th August 2020 (overall grades only. Unit grades will be posted first class on 20th August to your home address).

To access your results:
Please read the instructions below regarding how to access your results carefully as we will be implementing a strict procedure due to social distancing guidelines and restrictions.
Please do not come into the College to collect your results.
After 8.30am on 13th August for A-Level, AS Level and Level 3 qualifications or 20th August for GCSE or Level 2 qualifications you must log in to ProPortal using your student account.

If you have any issues accessing ProPortal on the day please email

Please note that if you have been contacted by your tutor who has confirmed that the date for you to receive your results may have been affected by a delayed assessment this may mean that you will receive results later than 20th August. If you have undertaken a delayed assessment or yet to complete a final assessment please do not hesitate to contact your tutor who will be able to advise.

For students that have not received their results by 24th August, they will receive a text message once results are available to access using the same process as above by logging in to Moodle.

These grades are a stepping stone to your next step in further study with us, at university, employment or an apprenticeship. To discuss progressing to the next level with us if you have met the conditions of your fast track offer please contact your Personal Achievement Tutor or Course Tutor. If your results are slightly lower than you feel you could have achieved, they may still be good enough to get you onto the next level course or a university course.

If you need to speak to a member of staff or Student Services after receiving your results we have provided contact details and useful helplines.

If you are unable to get onto your chosen course and would like to retake A-Level or GCSE exams, you will have an opportunity to take them in the autumn. Full details of how you can register to retake A-Levels or GCSEs will be provided alongside your results slip that will be posted.

For more information about receiving your results and how they have been calculated please read this information prepared by Ofqual which aims to answer your questions. We have also included a number of frequently asked questions below which you may find useful.


How have we calculated your results at The Bedford College Group?
The calculated grade that you will receive in August is the most likely grade that a student would have achieved had the exams/ final assessments gone ahead.
Grades have been based on a range of evidence including mock exams, non-exam assessment, homework assignments and any other record of student performance over the course of study.
Your tutors have worked as a team to produce the ‘most likely’ result using the evidence that they had. We can assure that the grading verification process followed by the Group has been carried out fairly and unbiased and have not taken the opportunity to over-inflate or be too restrictive on outcomes. The College has followed strict national guidance, however if you have any queries relating to your calculated grades please read the Ofqual Student Guide to Results which will help.
Tutors and our Exams teams submitted the centre assessed grades to the exam boards and the final outcome for each student, a calculated grade, has been determined by the exam board.

How do I find out unit breakdown details?
On the 13th August and 20th August we will be issuing overall grades only via Proportal and not a unit breakdown. The breakdown will be posted out to all students’ home addresses along with their official result slip in first class post as soon as the results are received by the College.

When will I receive my certificates?
Certificates will be posted within 3 weeks of receipt by the College to students’ home addresses. For Apprentices this may be slightly later as they will need to be processed by the Apprenticeship Team before being posted.
It is anticipated that there may be a delay to certificates being sent to the College as Awarding Bodies have retained certificates during the closure period.
Confirmation of students’ grades on Proportal does not mean that the College has the certificates or any result documentation from the Awarding Body – it may be the result has only been released online. GCSE and GCE certificates are usually received in College during November and we believe vocational qualifications will follow a similar timeline.

I have not received my results by 21st August – what do I do now?
Some vocational and technical results may arrive with the College slightly later than the 20th August and so from 24th August we will be sending all affected students a text message as soon as we receive their results from the awarding body to advise them that their results are available to access via Moodle.

Exam/ Results Helplines
If after receiving your results you still have questions you can contact the College using LiveChat on our websites or contact the helplines below who will be able to help and advise:
• General advice and guidance
Student Services for any careers information and guidance or if you are unsure of your next step:
o Bedfordshire Student Services: Email or telephone 01234 291770
o Northamptonshire Student Services: Email or telephone 01536 413232.
o LiveChat via College websites will also be monitored for enquiries about your results.
o A virtual open day is being hosted by the College on results days. See the College website for more details.
• The Bedford Sixth Form A-Level Results Helpline
A-Level and AS Level students should call 01234 291291 for any additional advice after receiving results online on 13th August.
• More information on the awarding process
You can find more resources and information about this year’s awarding process via
• Results, appeals, complaints and next steps
The Exam Results Helpline can provide information on appeals, complaints, or what your next steps may be once you’ve received your results: 0800 100 900 Lines open from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Calls are free from landlines and most mobiles.
• Ofqual
0300 303 3344 Lines open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, calls charged at your standard network rate.
• Higher education
For higher education questions, such as application and admissions, you may need to contact the relevant institution directly. UCAS can also provide information on university applications: 0371 468 0 468 Lines open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 6pm, calls charged at your standard network rate.
• Mental Health Support
Make sure you speak to somebody if you are feeling anxious or struggling with your mental health. This might be a parent, carer or someone else you trust.
You can also contact
• Young Minds Text YM to 85258
• Childline 0800 11 11
• Your GP: call and ask for an emergency appointment.
• NHS 111: they can assist in providing the mental health support you may need.

How will I progress to the next course at TBCG (The Bedford College Group)?
Please don’t worry, you have been provided with automatic progression within the college. We are hosting online open days on 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st August and you can register online via our websites to attend or use LiveChat.

How can I continue my Apprenticeship?

You will continue to be supported in your studies by your Training Co-ordinator using OneFile.

Reviews and visits will be conducted using Business Skype and day release teaching is cancelled until further notice

Technical certificates and Functional Skills will continue to be delivered remotely

Student support

Student health and wellbeing
Student Services remains open to continue to support students and can be accessed through email:
- Bedfordshire:
- Northamptonshire:
You can also contact your Personal Achievement Tutor, Course Manager or Training Co-ordinator for support in the first instance using their email.

We really hope that you are not worrying too much about this situation. It can be difficult not to – and it may be a good idea to follow some expert advice if you are feeling anxious. There is some good advice on the Mental Health Foundation website.

Your health and safety

Help to reduce the spread of coronavirus:

The latest information and advice on coronavirus – what it is, how it is spread, the risks and what you can do to protect yourself can be found on the NHS website.

The most important symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of any of the following:

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

For most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild illness.

If anyone has any of the symptoms above they should self-isolate at home.

To protect others, do not go to places like a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Stay at home. Use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do.

Check the NHS website if you have any symptoms 

We also recommend that you continue to follow these good hygiene practices:
- wash your hands with soap and water often - do this for at least 20 seconds
- Use hand sanitiser gel, if soap and water are not available
- wash your hands as soon as you get back home
- cover your mouth and nose with tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
- put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards

What about Learning Centres?

Our Learning Centres are closed until September 2020 and all students must pre-book their sessions before attending. Students have been provided with work to complete at home. If students have any queries please email:




I am an ESOL or Basic Skills student. How will I study?

Classroom teaching has stopped on these courses until September 2020. Your Tutor or Course Manager will continue to support you online.

What about if I study on other adult courses (e.g. counselling, AAT, CMI)?

Classroom teaching has stopped on these courses until September 2020. All adult courses have been reviewed to allow them to be taught following the latest safety guidance and will be taught through a combination of online and classroom study.

Your Course Manager or Lecturer will have contacted you regarding the arrangements for these courses.

Courses not yet started in the summer term were postponed. Enrolments will be carried over to the next available course.

I receive a meals bursary. How is this provided whilst I am not in College?

If you don’t attend college and you currently receive free school meals, we will still continue to provide you with financial assistance. We will pay a free school meal (FSM) allowance into your bank account.

What should I do if I had a planned trip with the College?

The government advises against all overseas education trips for those under 18. Domestic trips (residential and non-residential) have also been cancelled. If you have paid monies for a trip overseas which has now been cancelled, this will be refunded to you.

How can I keep up-to-date with what is happening at my College?

We have set up this page where we will share any updates and answers to frequently asked questions, and we will also post updates via our official social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any queries that have not been answered in relation to the College’s response to the outbreak please email us on

What happens with my work placement?

What happens with my work placement?
Work experience and the expectations that this will be completed this academic year has been cancelled for obvious reasons. The majority of courses will still achieve their study programmes without the work experience element. If you have already completed your work experience, what you have done so far will be taken into consideration and may well contribute to the final grade awarded. Please ensure that all work placement records and reflections are completed as per awarding body requirements, in most cases this will be on your Proportal records.

What about my maths and English?

Should I still be working on my maths and English remotely?
If you are studying functional skills as part of your programme you should continue working on these remotely. Your tutors for each subject will help and support you to achieve. Ofqual are working on a solution to finding the fairest and most effective alternative arrangements for the assessment of functional skills.
GCSEs are still being delivered to enable you to continue to progress as we want everyone to continue to develop these essential skills. This will also help you with any possible resits in the future. The results for this summer’s series will be assessed by your tutor on the work previously completed. More detail on accessing your GCSE and A level results from the College can be found here. 

Information for Apprentices

I have been furloughed, can I still work on the off the job activities?
Yes you can and your Training Coordinator can discuss this with you further.
Should I be on a break in learning as I have not been able to work since lock down?
This may not be necessarily as you can still carry on with your 20% off the job training, please speak to your training coordinator to discuss your individual circumstances.

I have changed roles within the organisation I work for due to coronavirus, can I still gain my apprenticeship?
Any transferable skills which are developed in the new role can contribute to the apprenticeship and you can continue to develop the off the job content with the support of your Training Coordinator.

My job is classed as a key worker role. I am still working and am also covering staff shortages. Should I still be studying towards my off the job hours?
Yes you can, although this might not be appropriate and it depends on what your employer wishes you to do. Please speak to your Training Coordinator to discuss your individual circumstances in this event.

I still have to complete my functional skills to complete my apprenticeship. Can I still study towards this from home?
Yes you can, the functional skills team are providing teaching sessions and resources to help you prepare for this at home. Please contact the functional skills team at to discuss this further.

I have completed all of my training, have gone through the gateway and am just waiting to sit my End Point Assessment. How can I find out when I will be able to do this as I heard that all assessments have stopped due to the coronavirus?
Some end point assessment organisations are allowing EPA’s to be completed remotely. Please discuss this with your Training Coordinator to discuss this further.

I have been told that my job is being made redundant as a result of the corona virus. What do I do?
You will still be able to continue to study towards your apprenticeship for 12 weeks following your last date of work and the college will work with you to find an alternative employer, or try to provide opportunity to complete your programme through alternative modes of study. It is our ambition to find you alternative employment so that you can continue your apprenticeship as quickly as possible.

I have been furloughed but my employer is asking me to work, what do I do?
Please contact your Training Coordinator to let them know and can advise you further with this. You cannot be asked to work during furlough and the college can support you in this event and help to explain this to your employer.

How will I progress to the next level/ stage at College?

If you are a full-time student and receive a progression offer email by Monday 4th May 2020 you will be automatically enrolled on the next stage of your course within the College. Further information about when you will start college again will be sent later this month (August).
If you are interested in progressing onto another course at the College, and have not received a progression offer email, please speak with your Personal Achievement Tutor to discuss your options and complete an application.